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Jeeva – The Lively Hot Boy


Jeeva is a handsome brindle boy, with cropped ears. He is 35 inches tall at the shoulder. There is never a quiet moment at home with Jeeva around. He likes to chase our boys and tries to fondle them with his great paws, like a tiger. He hates his walks, though he likes to play on his own.
He sure would not let anyone in without a big hug and lick.




Our puppies come occasionally. They are bred with love and care for a loving family. We care for our puppies and their future. We provide long term support for them and their well - being. They will grow up to be outstanding specimens of their breed, if only you take the time and efforts to follow the simple guidelines that we provide.

You may get puppies for a lesser cost but you ultimately get only what you pay for. Hence, kindly do not bargain with us.