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The name stands for confidence, loyalty and courage to those of us who are familiar with the breed. The qualities of the ideal body guard. 


Fila Brasiliero is postulated to have resulted from breeding of Bloodhound, Old English Mastiff and a type of Bulldog called Bullenbesser which is now extinct.  

They have been in existence since at least 1671. This breed was introduced into Brazil by the Portuguese settlers who arrived there with their dogs. The huge Brazilian ranches had cattle that had to be saved from jaguars and they wanted a saviour – the found the ideal combination in the Fila. They were strong and heavy but agile, brave, with a strong sense of smell. The genetic recombination amongst the hound, mastiff and the bulldog brought out just the right qualities in this breed.  

Fila in Dutch meant “grab and hold”. The Brazilian ranches had slaves who were caught and held till the masters arrived. They would not harm them. 

The Fila character:

The adorable Fila is known by a proverb in Brazil “As faithful as a Fila”. They love the family including the children. They have to be introduced to the family members early and they would give their lives to save them. They cannot be frightened away by any sight or sound! They can charge instantaneously to save the lives of their beloved. Hence they make perfect watch dogs.  

They love to be around with the owners. In fact, when  our Fila is taken out for a walk, he or she would love to walk between two of us – always comforting us with a lick now and then, also waiting to protect us from the villains on the streets. With  a Fila around, there is never a lonely moment.  As far as a Fila walk is concerned, one has to be cautious. They may pounce on an unaware stranger nearby.  

They definitely do not like strangers; this quality will be evident in a puppy as old as a year. They can attack a postman or an electrician if they come in casually when the Fila is free.  There are two schools of thoughts. One prefers to train the Fila to socialize from their younger days so that they are not so fierce with the strangers while other prefers not to train them as it changes their basic character. We now prefer the latter ideology of not training them to socialize. But the basic habits may be taught by the owner.  

Their looks with their wrinkled foreheads are instantaneously pleasing to most dog lovers. But the strangers have to be told not to be taken away by their lovely looks. They should never venture near Fila alone without the owner. Moreover Fila is particularly provoked when a stranger stares at him in the eye for a long time. The poor guy may only be admiring his great looks but the Fila would think otherwise and assume the innocent guy is challenging him to a duel and waits to attack him.  In fact a judge in a dog show, who is familiar with Fila will not touch the specimen himself. He will only view him from a distance. Also Fila that charges a judge is also not banned for the same reason! He is only demonstrating his basic character which cannot be changed for the sake of a dog show.  

Fila puppy  less than a year is shy and an introvert. Between 12 – 18 months, they get their full fledged adult Fila character – the courage, the bonding with the family, the craving for company. They definitely dog like animals and unlike other types of Mastiffs, they are energetic, active and alert. Our Filas are awake at the slightest activity around them. They have a strong sense of smell too. Their strong sense of smell brings them to the kitchen door sniffing and demanding our home made sweets 

They are easy to be taken care off. Their short coat makes grooming easy. The only thing that needs attention is their drooling – they can bathe a person in a couple of minutes.  

We, at Bhat kennels, are pleased to announce that our lives have changed for the better with the introduction of Fila in our household. We got our first from U.S. through a friend.  We are the first to introduce the breed in India, as far as our knowledge goes. If we have been mistaken, we would like to hear from the concerned individuals. For further information you may contact us through; mobile no. +91 98400 95506.




Our puppies come occasionally. They are bred with love and care for a loving family. We care for our puppies and their future. We provide long term support for them and their well - being. They will grow up to be outstanding specimens of their breed, if only you take the time and efforts to follow the simple guidelines that we provide.

You may get puppies for a lesser cost but you ultimately get only what you pay for. Hence, kindly do not bargain with us.