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We are grateful to all those who helped us in the process of establishing, maintaining and expanding our kennels..

First and foremost we would like to thank Mr. Swaminathan, from whom we got our Anastasia's Tiger. He was always  by our side to ensure the wellbeing of our pup.

We are greatly indebted to Mr. Shridhar, who was practically there to teach us about the basic care of the tender newborn pups. His tips have helped us produce pups that are every breeder's envy.

Next on the list is Mr. Ramesh, an enterprising youngster, always eager to lend a helping hand at any time of the day and night.

Our sincere thanks to our Veterinarians:-

 Dr. B. Nagarajan, who has been with us at every difficult moment, advising and guiding us at every step, with endurance. He is available for advice at +9198400 33444.

Surgeon Dr. Archibald David, who takes care of surgical problems and cropping of ears. He may be contacted at    +9198410 30749.

We owe a lot to Mr. Pakkiriswamy (+9194441 53118), our trainer, who has taught us the art of making our fellows listen to us. He has been influential in producing the champions of Bhat Kennels.

Mr. Pratap Singh has been of moral support in getting our pair of mastiffs. He gave us the confidence of taming even the most ill-mannered boys. Being an experienced trainer in circus troupes, he has traveled all over the world with great personalities, taming and training the wild animals and birds. His passion for animals makes him come forward to help one and all in this regard. His address is - 'Om Shakthi Bhavan', 23/25, Karwar Street, Kodambakkam, Chennai - 24. Ph. +9198402 54949;   +9144 24727413.

We are thankful to Dr.Arjun Maduranayagam, who has provided us with all the available books on Great Danes. It has helped us in improving the quality of our Danes.

Our sincere thanks to Mr. Naveen Kumar & Pramath Kiran, who has put in all his time and efforts to successfully launch and update this site.


Our puppies come occasionally. They are bred with love and care for a loving family. We care for our puppies and their future. We provide long term support for them and their well - being. They will grow up to be outstanding specimens of their breed, if only you take the time and efforts to follow the simple guidelines that we provide.

You may get puppies for a lesser cost but you ultimately get only what you pay for. Hence, kindly do not bargain with us.